Raffles Night - Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Talk

Thursday, 03 May 2018 10:39

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency have become a phenomenal trend which attracts a great attention from the society. It is hard to deny their presence and impacts on the economy, especially when more and more business started to accept and welcome it as their official payment method.

In order to delivery an overall image of how the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency works and be applied in our daily lives, Singapore Business Group HCMC (SBG) has organized a Raffles Night: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Talk on 3rd May with the venue sponsorship from the spectacular Sofitel Saigon Plaza.

We were honored to welcome four experts from the industry to share their insights and opinions regarding the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency relations. They are:

·    Mr. Robert Vong - Co-founder of Blockfin Asia

·    Ms. Danette Wallace - Business Development Consultant, Infinity Blockchain Labs

·    Mr. Filippo Buzzi - Head of the Blockchain Desk of Fidinam Hong Kong

·    Mr. Dominik Weil - Co-founder and COO of Vietnam’s First & Leading Digital Asset Exchange


We also receive the co-host support from other fellow business chambers. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham), Belgian - Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam (Beloux Cham), British Business Group Vietnam (BBGV), Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam (CanCham), The Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam (CTCVN), French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam (CCIFV), Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV), European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (Eurocham), Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam (HKBAV), Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (ICham), Indian Business Chamber in Vietnam (InCham), The Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the South & Middle of Vietnam (KoCham). Together we have made this event a great success when welcoming more than 155 attendees.

Our four speakers have covered some topics that received huge concern from people as following:

·       Blockchain: What’s the hype? – Presented by Mr. Robert Vong

·       How can blockchain revolutionize our daily lives? Presented by Ms. Danette Wallace

·       Cryptocurrency: Future or Fad? Presented by Mr. Dominik Weil

·       Initial Coin Offering - Presented by Mr. Filippo Buzzi

It is well-known that Blockchain & Cryptocurrency is a still controversial topic around its impacts and effectiveness. People are still uncertain whether if it is truly useful to our lives or just a scam.

Nonetheless, it is worthy to know that users always have to bare in mind their own safety when making any online transactions, not only via Blockchain but also other systems. They have to take control of their own security and always be conscious about the money that they are managing.