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TET Charity Drive

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 03:41


Besides promoting business and social activities, SBG is also dedicated in contributing positively to the local community. Every year, the SBG organizes the Lunar New Year or TET Charity Drive. This charity drive started in 1994 and has become an annual affair for members of SBG to give back to the less fortunate and disadvantaged in Vietnam.

On an average, an estimate of 130 million VND is raised every year to buy the goods for distribution which includes; rice; instant noodles; cooking oil; biscuits; hand towels, tooth brush, tooth paste and plastic mugs, toys and milk powder.

Besides raising money from members to buy essentials for the old folks homes and orphanages, members volunteer to distribute the donated goods to the beneficiaries. All this is for a simple aim to add a cheer to these lives during the festive period. 

These are the list of beneficiaries that the SBG has supported over the years:

  1. Que Huong Orphaned & Disabled Children Center
  2. Thien An Old-Folks House
  3. Thi Nghe Disabled and Orphaned Children Center
  4. Thanh Loc Old Folks House
  5. Mau Tam Old-Folks House
  6. Thu Duc Youth Village
  7. Go Vap Orphanage
  8. Teach & Feed Defect Children Center
  9. Long Hoa Orphanage
  10. Tan Binh Blindness Association
  11. Chanh Phu Hoa Old Folks House
  12. Chap Canh Disabled Person & Orphaned Children Center
  13. Tu Hanh Temple
  14. Truyen Tin House
  15. Lang Tre Orphanage of Lang Tre Temple in Dong Nai

We wish to place on record and thank the members of SBG for their support and generosity that have contributed to the continued and successful outreach to these beneficiaries.