Press Review - June 2014

Monday, 16 June 2014 12:16

Press Review - June 2014

Fresh policies take effect in June

New decree regulates land price mechanisms

30 June 2014

Time Bomb Laid In Foreign Currency Credit Market

Vietnam Considers Self-Certification Of Origin Policy

Five Vietnamese companies in Asia Pacific’s top 500 retailers

HNX ready for ETF trading

Five laws to take effect in July

News laws shut the doors to foreign buyers of bad debt


27 June 2014

Vietnam, Laos Promote “One-Stop-Shop” Model At Border Gates


26 June 2014

Ministry: Ask-and-give practice still exists in realty market

System to evaluate e-commerce sites


25 June 2014

Ministry submits final draft on petrol trading

Shipbuilders get new look on path to equitisation

Central Bank To Keep Close Eye On Banking Sector Restructuring

New decree regulates land price mechanisms


24 June 2014

Vietnam inks deals with Permanent Court of Arbitration

Law targets universal healthcare

New Investment Law should cut red tape: NA

Concerns remain over real estate law

State investment corporation gets more chartered capital


23 June 2014

UNDP Suggests Vietnam Lift Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Market Takes Off

Japan Reviews Provision Of ODA For Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines Submits Equitisation Plan

Logistics Restructure Investments For Decisive Battle

Taxation department defends payment procedures

FPT acquires European IT firm


22 June 2014

Samsung plans another $1bn investment in Vietnam


21 June 2014

National Assembly passes new notary legislation

PV Gas plans 20% stake sale after pricing mechanism nod

State Audit Office to probe Vinalines accounts


19 June 2014

SCIC equity to increase tenfold: Decree

VN advised self-issue C/O mechanism for export goods

UNDP urges carbon pricing and end to fossil fuel subsidies

Vietnam Firms Wary Of Higher Stakes For Foreign Investors

Retail banking – a new game

State Bank ponders new charges

Intel to expand production in HCMC


18 June 2014

Masan Group subsidiary bonds sold out in latest issuance

No Change Yet In Foreign-Ownership Stake In Listed Companies

Samsung Plans To Invest Additional US$1 Bil In Bac Ninh

Mobifone Worth Could Reach $3.4 Billion

New decree regulates land price mechanisms

Employer and employee: Who owns the invention?

State will retain 20 pct of MobiFone after privatization 


17 June 2014  

System to evaluate e-commerce sites

Foreigners working in Vietnam may face more cumbersome procedures


16 June 2014

Intel unveils major expansion plans


12 June 2014

CPI to rise due to health-care charges

Commercial Banks Are Indifferent To SBV Refinancing

Investors Not Enthused By Port IPOs

Steel firms lobby against policy favouring Hoa Phat

Government to sanction unregistered e-commerce sites

More players enter Vietnamese e-market

Developers remain uncertain of local property market


11 June 2014

New project targets large scale emissions reductions

Billion-dollar projects set to break ground

Legal Advice: Taxes On Foreign Outsourcing Activities

Giants Act To Cut Dairy, Beef Prices

Siemens keen on Vietnam’s metro opportunities

Finance, real estate investors pour money into agriculture


10 June 2014

VN mulls lifting foreign ownership limits

Shops, customers still reluctant to use credit cards


9 June 2014

Decree outlines regulations on local e-commerce sites

Zoning plans unveiled for economic zones

New Circular May Not Help SMEs

New Laws Promote Ease Of Business

Decree Outlines Regulations On Local E-Commerce Sites

Gemadept extends convertible debenture issue to raise funds

Vietnam’s No. 1 e-commerce brand to be dethroned?

High-tech firms question new rules on tax incentives


7 June 2014

WB approves $500m credit for VN reform

Government to release additional bandwidth

Riot-Affected Enterprises Receive Insurance Payment

Ownership for foreigners nears


5 June 2014

Government price cap helps keep milk prices affordable

Flappy Bird creator starts chasing down clones

Central province offers cash for anonymous anti-corruption tips

Dollar price hits ceiling, but exchange rate stable

First Solar sale sees light at the end of the tunne

Employers discuss 2015 minimum wage increase, better co-ordination and evidence-based data needed


4 June 2014

PM approves Vinacomin capital sale to VPBank

New circular may not help SMEs

Finance ministry revises company tax deduction law

Fresh policies take effect in June

Foreign airlines eager to tap cargo transport market


3 June 2014

Nuclear plant technology offered

Gov’t agrees to write off part of Vinalines’s bank debts

Japan temporarily halts aid to Vietnam over bribery case

Few Vietnamese enterprises open to outsourcing: study


2 June 2014

PM adds more exit points for tax breaks

PM Asks For Quick Support For Affected Foreign Enterprises

Will Formula Milk Price Caps Benefit Consumers?

Vietnamese Goods Struggle To Compete

Vietnamese industrial fasteners face anti-dumping lawsuit in US

VAMC’s debt purchases hard to sell off


1 June 2014

Dairy Companies Resume Production Of Condensed Milk

Finance companies, banks fight for share of consumer-loan market

Vietnam has least tech-friendly firms in region: insiders