Press Review - March 2014

Friday, 07 March 2014 12:41

Press Review - March 2014

How much is Vinalines worth?

SBV bans foreign exchange trades...

31 Mar 2014

New electricity grid ensures stable supply

New Circular Won’t Affect Indirect Investment

Bidding law will offer great opportunities to small contractors

Foreign businesses asks to clarify conditions for opening retail points


29 Mar 2014

Admin reforms aim to secure links with Japanese investors

Bitcoin Trading Floor To Be Established In April

Gov’t Bond Issue Raises US$282m


28 Mar 2014

New pact to yield export benefits

Circular clarifies working conditions and permit requirements for foreigners

New Central Bank Rule Feared To Hold Back Bank Sector Restructuring

Vietnam Pushing Stock Market With ETFs, Future Derivatives


25 Mar 2014

Banks Need Time To Deal With Previously Raised Capital Sources

Foreign Smartphone Producers Continue Vietnam Campaign

New foreign investor definition clouds draft law

PM approves Cienco 8 equitisation

Telco opts for back-to-basics TV shows

Tan Tao Group seeks BOT power plant partners

Stimulus package gets new tune-up

Sumitomo penetrates deeper into Vietnam with $44 mln flour mill


24 Mar 2014

Transfer Pricing Makes Cars More Expensive In Vietnam

Exporters bemoan new customs red tape tussle

Draft decree to end PPP hegemony

Vietnam central bank relaxes bank bad-debt rules


23 Mar 2014

Vietnam railway official suspended after Japanese bribery exposure

Bank M&A Deal Nears

Vietnam sparingly gives more “room” to foreign investors

Premier proposes forming national medicine price management council


22 Mar 2014

SBV postpones debt standards

Logistics restructure investments for decisive battle

SBV bans foreign exchange trades


21 Mar 2014

Vietcombank to abide by US foreign account tax rule

Business gets stagnant because of policy makers’ delays


20 Mar 2014

New agriculture stimulus discussed

Lax firms suffer as their brands are duplicated

Market heats up as big foreign retail mall exploiters turn up

How much is Vinalines worth?


19 Mar 2014

Exxon Mobil accelerates VN investment plan

Guidelines set for foreign investors' portfolio investment accounts

Listing proposal to up transparency

Vietnam Fails To Develop Open Source Software For State Agencies

Many Banks Planning To Scale Up Chartered Capital

Foreigners Unhappy With Meager FOL Rise

Vietnam-EU FTA Negotiations Due For Year-End Compeletion

Siemens helps equip Hanoi's private hospital with modern technology

PVC begins divestment drive

Mercedes puts another $10 million into Vietnam

What Vietnamese spend their money on?

Government revises VAT guidance


18 Mar 2014

Japan's Nissin opens $75m auto facility

EU-Vietnam FTA: Opportunities And Challenges

Eximbank Likely To Withdraw Capital From Sacombank

Vietnam’s Mobile Apps Industry Starts To Toddle

Air Mekong faces clipped wings over lack of flights

Vinalines plans port share sale

State Bank bans foreign exchange trades

The anticipated deaths of the Vietnamese air carriers



17 Mar 2014

MPI moves to expand PPP categories

Central bank to cut key interest rates

Samsung puts $2 bln Vietnam phone plant into operation

Prime Minister asks for faster SOEs restructuring

SBV announces new interest rate cut

E-payment catches on with Vietnamese consumers

Vietnam considers allowing foreigners building houses for business


16 Mar 2014

Foreign capital flow to Vietnam to shelter from regional uncertainties

Foreigners’ property trading still prohibited




15 Mar 2014

Building corporations to submit debt resolution

FII must use Vietnamese dong

Ad market: Vietnamese battle to gain bigger pieces of cake

IBM colossal investments benefit Vietnam


14 Mar 2014

Revisions made to People's Court law

Ministry of Finance loses lawsuit on tax arrears


6 Mar 2014

Government Requires Lower Lending Rates

SSC And SBV Collaborate To Prevent Cross-Ownership

SBV delays debt classification deadline

Real estate credit package set to be unveiled

To battle with traffickers, businesses told to gather goods at ports


5 Mar 2014

Bitcoins cannot be prohibited in Vietnam?

Vietnam wins $3.7b investment case

Sacombank to allow foreign investors higher stakes

Electronic gaming for foreigners

Minor Coups Noted In Insurance Sector

Besra gets license renewal, close to resolution on tax arrears

Vietnam set to probe milk price manipulation allegation


4 Mar 2014

Modest results from ethanol projects

MoT clears airport corp equitisation

MOF may set ceiling to control formula prices

$9.4 million of bad debt recovered

Vinalines steps up privatisation push

Vietnam’s Software Exports Move Towards SMAC

US oil giant Exxon eyes $20 billion development    

Domestic beer makers fear double tax blow


3 Mar 2014

Ministry of Construction defends controversial circular

MIC urged to control pay-TV service fees

Toyota to fight with VN customs agency on minimum taxable prices

 State-funded projects back local IT products

Online auctions help improve transparency

IT Firms Easily Successful In Foreign Markets, Not Home


2 March 2014

Viettel’s Engagement To Create New Face For Cable TV Market


1 Mar 2014

SBV to issue new bad debt rules