Press Review - April 2014

Friday, 07 March 2014 12:41

Press Review - April 2014

Nearly 300 estate projects cancelled for the lack of capital

Vietcombank merger news expect...

29 April 2014

Masan plans to invest in fixed assets

Nearly 300 estate projects canceled for the lack of capital

Chinese ODA-funded project: MOC says it’s MOT’s fault


28 April 2014  

Hesitancy may spoil McDonald’s future in Vietnam

Legal loopholes cause loss of revenue to state coffers

Mobile phones top exports list

Lotte gets nod to build $2 billion Smart Complex


26 April 2014

VN makes progress on copyrights

Bank M&As Encouraged By SBV, Discouraged By Experts

Many Domestic Banks To Seek Foreign Strategic Partners

Rapid Tax Loan Refunds – Avoid Or Not?

Legal Advice: Vietnam Opens More Logistics Service Sectors To Foreign Investors

Prudential Vietnam and Standard Chartered Vietnam sign partnership agreement


25 April 2014

E-Commerce Sector Rapidly Expanding


24 April 2014

Phenikaa builds $87 million compound quarzt slab factory in Hoa Lac

Policies to revive property market

Airbus manufactures spare parts in Vietnam

Singaporean funds pour more money into attractive Vietnamese businesses

Banks change high-class personnel

Ministry asks health centres to maintain vaccine supplies

Policies to revive property market


23 April 2014

Hope for a seat at the gaming table?

Investment law examined

Firms grapple with IP issues

State-Owned Corporations Lingering Long Over Disinvestments

Retail Prices Of Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene Rise


22 April 2014

NA examines revised Enterprise Law

Changes needed to push housing stimulus package

Draft Decree Shatters Vietnamese Investors’ Casino Dreams

Customs Rapped Over Vague Tax Bills For FDI Firms

Tax authority finds Keangnam $4.5m in arrears

Violations rampant in state-funded projects  

Vietnam Told Not To Put High Hopes In Long Thanh Airport As Transit Point

Legal Advice: Commercial remedies in Vietnam

Ministry seeks to suspend licensing new commercial housing projects


21 April 2014

Pharmaceutical violators under fire

Most FIEs in Vietnam transfer pricing, evade tax


19 April 2014

Valeant invests in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry

PGBank Unexpectedly Changes Plan On Merging Into VietinBank

E-commerce sector rapidly expanding

Vingroup prepares to issue additional shares


18 April 2014

Vietnam software outsourcing sector grows strongly, in world’s top 10


17 April 2014

Tobacco lobby pushes for tax increase delay

SOEs stakes may be sold at discount rates

Tightening Banking Operations

Fast-food market sees growth of Grade A players

Banks still bear risks even after selling debts to VAMC

Vietnam victim of corporate tax evasion


16 April 2014

Circular outlines IT spending criteria

Vietinbank aims for Vinalines ports stake

SOEs' IPO failures reflect poor preparation

Foreign investors eye manufacturing

Legal Advice: Rights Of Investors In Vietnam

Vietnam’s E-Commerce Sales May Double By 2015

Vietnam In Global Top 10 For Foreign Remittances

M&A Deals Seen More Active In Banking Sector

Vinalines officially launches restructuring

PG Bank mulls bank-in-bank merger with VietinBank

Vietnamese retailers’ circular firing squad

Boosting market economic development to help Vietnam avoid middle income trap

Car producers, importers split over special consumption tax


15 April 2014

SBV circular sets restrictions for credit institution ‘families'

VN amends investment law to boost efficiency

New land-use fees could thaw property market

Vietcombank merger news expected  


14 April 2014

Red tape trimmed for foreign firms

Procurement law set to lock in domestic bias for drug sales

Teka triumphs in customs duty case  

Customs rapped over vague tax bills for FDI firms

Vietnam Restructures Mobile Market Ahead Of IPO

Vietnam is expected to repay nearly $10bil. in 2014

Which security technologies are Vietnamese banks using?

Prista Oil to co-operate on oil recycling plant


13 April 2014

How Should Vietnam Behave Towards Transfer Pricing?

Vietnam Pays A Heavy Price For “Fill-Up” Policy

Casino Developers Dream Of Capitalizing On Chinese Gamblers

Thaco overtakes Toyota Vietnam as biggest sales achiever


12 April 2014

Ministry wants new housing projects stopped


10 April 2014

Viet Nam, Republic of Korea to counter trade fraud

MDB To Merge With Maritime Bank

Circular Debt Puts Contractors In Danger

Casinos In Vietnam And For Vietnamese, Why Not?

Japanese firm to start $123mn smartphone screen production line in Vietnam in June

“Liberated” MobiFone set to challenge rivals

European airlines cannot fly high in Vietnamese sky

Vietnam gropes around to develop competitive electricity market


9 April 2014

How Should A Foreign-Owned Company In Vietnam Be Named?

PM Decides On VNPT Restructuring

Gazprom Neft to acquire Dung Quat oil refinery stake


8 April 2014

Experts label 10% soft drink tax ‘unfair'

VN firms lax in using trade barriers

Liquid money flows to securities

IPO shares of State-owned enterprises unsalable


7 April 2014

Vietnamese coffee drinkers prick Starbucks’ bubble


5 April 2014

SBV moves on with plan to merge banks

Gov't gives the go-ahead for telco giant split ahead of IPO

Televisions to advertise digital compatible logo


3 April 2014

Investment certificates to be ditched

Vietnam ministry urged to speed up progress on 60W bulb ban

Ministry to crack down on mineral exports

SBV: “Will Continue To Merge 6-7 Banks”

FIEs’ Distribution Right Makes Vietnamese Businesses Anxious

Government Approves To Separate Mobifone From VNPT

Van Don Casino Proposal Gets Muted Response

Corruption poses hurdle to Vietnam FDI inflows


2 April 2014    

Automated customs system launched

Central bank adds to forex reserves

Legal protection for trade secrets

Circular Ownership In Banking System Easing, State Bank Says

First Bitcoin Online Trading Floor In Vietnam Illegal

EVN Told To Pay High For Biomass-Made Electricity

Foreign-Invested Convenience Stores Seen To Threaten Domestic Ones

Vietnamese firms fail to use trade protection measures


1 April 2014

Transport SOEs drive through successful IPOs

Singaporean group suspected of bribing Hanoi officials

MobileWorld announces share HSX share issue  

Circular ownership in banking system easing, state bank says